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Sanico Fabrication and Machineries is a dealer and manufacturer of Agricultural Machineries such as Mechanical Corn Sheller, Rice Thresher, Floating Tiller, Hand Tractor, Corn Husker Shellers, etc.. The Company’s office and manufacturing site is in the Municipality of Trento, Agusan del Sur and they are currently catering customers nationwide. In partnership with Honda Philippines, Inc., Sanico Fabrication and Machineries plans to expand their market and strengthen their brand through the PbH Trademark.

KS Seed Cleaner-200

Seed Cleaner is a machine used for removing any debris or low quality, infested or infected seeds from rice grains. KS Seed Cleaner is powered by Honda GP200H QH1 engine. Applications:
Cleaning of rice grains
Preparation of rice seeds

Output Capacity: Minimum 1,000 kg/h

Purity: 99.9%

Fuel consumption: 1.4 L/h


KS Kuliglig is a Hand Tractor machine that can be used for land preparation of both lowland and upland farming. It is powered by Honda GX270T2 LH engine.
Leveling of paddy field

Field Capacity: Minimum 1.1 ha/day

Tractor Forward Speed: Minimum 1-2 km/h

Fuel consumption: 2.0 L/h


KS Thresher is a Rice Thresher machine that can be used for threshing palay. It is powered by Honda GX390T2 QHP1 engine.
Palay threshing
Rice shelling

Output Capacity: 2,000 kg/h

Threshing Efficiency: Minimum: 98.0%

Threshing Recovery: Minimum: 99.8%

KS-Floating Tiller-270

KS Floating Tiller is a walk-type tractor used for land preparation and cultivation of palay fields. This tractor is powered by Honda GX270T2 QHP1 engine.
Tilling paddy field
Tilling deep muddy field

Field Capacity: Minimum: 3 ha/day

Tractor Forward Speed: Minimum 3-4 km/h

Fuel consumption: 2.11 L/h

KS-390 Corn Sheller

KS Corn Sheller is a machine used by farmers to shell corn kernels off the cob to be ready for grinding. It is powered by GX390T2 QHP1 engine.
Shelling of corn

Shelling Capacity: 4,500 kg/h

Shelling Efficiency: Minimum: 98.5%

Shelling Recovery: Minimum 99.5%